EN CORSE is a new feature film written by and starring Nika Burnett that will feature Alessandro Marino. The film is being packaged and financed, with the attachment of Nika and Alessandro already in place.

En Corse is about four people on the island of Corsica dealing with the conflict that arises between love and independence. Geraldine, a French-African professor and Corsica-native Dauphine have had a tumultuous relationship over five decades. Dauphine’s niece grew up in America and spent all of her summers in Corsica. She is a scientist and fiercely independent feminine force. Geraldine often brings a student with her during the summer, and this year it is Benjamin, a recently divorced man, trying to figure out who he is after spending all of his formative years in one stagnant relationship. Things get complicated as Faustine and Benjamin get involved. She is on the island presenting for funding that is wrapped up in a political debate that Benjamin has ties to, and as they get closer, her long time Italian sweetheart (played by Alessandro Marino) arrives.