What is "Brindisi"?

Brindisi is a city in the south-east Italian region of PUGLIA, where our film takes place. 

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The movie is not just a movie in Puglia, but a movie with Puglia.

Puglia, the region on the south-east "heel" of Italy, has the idyllic movie-making combination of perfect weather, beautiful natural light, and great community.

Beyond the technical ease of shooting in Puglia, our story was written for it, literally. The region is the perfect setting for BRINDISI, which examines dualism in language, culture, and joy of life. The enjoyment of life balanced with ambition in business, the power of silence and isolation, the connection to nature, the magic of the sea and of a sunset, the importance of family and the value of all human relationships -- concepts that are universal to people around the world, and specific to natives of Puglia.

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